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AJC Legal Services is a boutique firm decidacted to providing specific legal services of the highest quality to our clients. We are not a general practice which might take on any case from traffic tickets to murder cases!

We focus in three main Practice Areas. We want to drive the development of the NC economy foward and work with start-up businesses (in particular biotech and high-tech) in company creation, valuation, intellectual proper planning and IP protection.

Second, we focus on Patent Law. While some patent firms dedicate themselves solely to high-priced corporate customers, we set aside time for the individual inventor. We feel that too many great ideas have been lost because inventors didn't understand the Patent system or thought it was only for people want to spend $10,000's on patents.

Finally, our third focus is employment law and wrongful termination. We try to think out the box in helping the unemployed become compensated. We have sued huge companies in Federal Court on areas such as Title IV discrimination.

In order to meet the goals of clients we also litigate in State and Federal civil courts. We settle where reasonable and litigate where needed.


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